Industry Support

Inspection & Auditing Services

Auditing activities typically fall under the requirements of accreditation Standards such as ISO 17065 (Product Certification), ISO 17025 (Laboratory Certification), ISO 17062 (Conformity Assessment) as well as other non-ISO accreditation (conformity assurance) Standards such as SEDEX SMETA, PEMC and FSC etc.

These inspections and audits are carried out in accordance with ISO 19011 (Guidelines for Auditing Management) with organisation specific checklists and audit tools to ensure that the criteria are audited or inspected in conformance with the requirements of the relevant Standard.

ISOPro supports how clients implement their own specific process workflows and controls to meet the requirements of these tough Standards.

Inspection activities require high levels of flexibility in both the content and complexity of the inspection questions as well as the operating environments that the inspections may take place in; this is fully configurable to ensure the online tool completely replicates your approved forms. Audit / inspection checklists can be completed on laptops or on mobile devices 'in situ' including flame-proof devices in both online and offline mode.

The audit or inspection cycle can be fully managed in ISOPro:

  • Notifications to the auditees (clients, even when in-house) of the planned dates & venues
  • Assigning audit / inspection resources (either internal or contracted vendors)
  • Alerting the auditors / inspectors and the auditees closer to the time
  • Providing the online checklists to conduct the audit or inspection
  • Tracking completions
  • Automated compilation of draft reports including any consolidated reports for internal review and approval
  • Distributing the final report to the auditees
  • Tracking any corrective actions as required
  • Closing off any expenses incurred and even final billing