Industry Support

Food Production & Plating

Food production and plating operations must comply with strict quality controls under tight regulatory oversight to ensure safety and product consistency for consumers. Every step in your food production process, from production and packaging to plating and serving can be tracked in ISOPro to ensure that product quality is net to ensure their customers' safety and the satisfaction expectations.

ISOPro supports your organisation's specific requirements to meet ISO 22001, HACCP and GMP State and Council food authorities for both kitchen and road transport operations:

  • Fridge & freezer temperature records (manually or via integration with automated monitoring)
  • Equipment maintenance scheduling
  • Calibrated equipment tracking and calibration due reminders
  • Product / vegetables sanitation controls (pH, Cl or blanching)
  • Finished goods and packaging inspections incl. barcode validation
  • Kitchen sanitation (recording and tracking bio-swabbing & cleaning checks)
  • Pest control inspections and registers of pest-control stations
  • Logging issues with vendors such as quantity discrepancies, product quality, incorrect delivery temperatures, packaging and labelling errors
  • Food recall management

For manufacturers, ISOPro can provide easy data capture on the floor for recipe management such as mixing control forms with mixing calculations and quantity validation, cooking time records.

High-volume meal providers like hospitals, sports centres and caterers can use the mobile app for:

  • Plating inspections and verification against standard meal templates
  • Meal distribution equipment (hot/cold meal trolleys) tracking and inspections
  • Compliments, complaints or change requests