Industry Support

Field Services & Trades

Field service and trades operate in a constantly changing work environment and need information on hand as well as the ability to report activities and issues while on the move. ISOPro's full functionality on mobile devices and data entry offline via the mobile app means your field staff can record their work in place and in real time.

ISOPro's web and mobile app can support these typical controls on mobile devices, both online and offline:

  • Site risk assessments
  • Toolbox talks and daily pre-starts
  • Task prestart / sign off quality checks
  • Proof-of-position (P-o-P) tracking for verification of onsite locations
  • Equipment inspections
  • (M)SDS and (S)WMS available online
  • Task instructions / issuing ‘next’ task
  • Online requests (information, materials, equipment repairs) allowing all requests to be tracked through to close off
  • Documents, manuals, guides available at point of use (incl. by QR code)
  • Incident management incl. injuries, hazards, near misses, vehicle accidents & infringements
  • Customer complaints, requests, compliments and issues management