Industry Support

Facilities Cleaning & Infection Control

Staff undertaking facilities cleaning and infection control need operational resources (guidelines, SOPs etc.) and record evidence of their activities or log issues at their work location. ISOPro's full functionality on mobile devices and data entry offline via the mobile app means your cleaning and inspection teams can record their work in place and in real time.

ISOPro's web and mobile app can support these typical controls on mobile devices, both online and offline:

  • Induction of new staff
  • Making detailed instructions for each cleaning site available at the point of use
  • Management of (M)SDS at the various points of use, as well as re-ordering and stock checking
  • Management of site and task Risk Assessments and SOPs (or SWMS for higher-risk activities)
  • Proof of position of cleaning staff during the cleans
  • Proof of position of any unexpected cleaning activities
  • Recording activity start and end times
  • Consistent location/venue naming
  • Ability for inspectors to do spot checks and raise further actions
  • Ability to pre-set scheduled but unannounced UV inspections
  • Health checks for lone workers
  • Ability to take photo evidence even when offline, e.g. basements (and upload when connected again)
  • Ability to record proof-of-position even while offline