Industry Support

Care & Social Services

Health and social care systems are extremely complex and cover a diverse range of operations. The systems operate in varying regulatory environments with differing relationships between the regulators, the professionals and the institutions that deliver the care. Public scrutiny on the quality and delivery of care is intense. Accordingly, all players in the care sector must be fully aware of the ongoing changes in the industry to ensure compliance to regulations, quality standards but, above all, to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of those in their care.

ISOPro supports the care and social services industry through:

  • Incident reporting for clients that is compliant with internal privacy and statutory PII requirements
  • Service delivery controls completed by field staff so service records are available immediately
  • Volunteer and staff induction and training incl. tracking of mandatory licensing & checks
  • Management of service providers and contract staff
  • Site risk assessments for field staff
  • Internal risk register management incl. management of controls, mitigation plans and reviews
  • Staff incident management incl. hazards and near misses
  • Workplace inspections, vehicle inspections, equipment inspections

Specifically for some businesses in this industry:

  • ISOPro can enable organisations to link incidents, hazards, and near misses to their identified risks or facilitate the identification and assessment of new risks
  • The ISOPro mobile app allows field staff to complete forms on their mobile devices even when offline