Industry Support

Airport Ground Operations

For the safety and security of passengers and operators, aviation is a highly regulated industry. Business and regulations all converge here at lighting speed and your airline clients can change schedules, aircraft types and operational controls at short notice. It's vital for your ground operations to make changes rapidly to ensure ongoing compliance.

Typical airport ground operations controls in ISOPro:

  • Boarding gate readiness checks
  • Maintenance requests and tracking
  • GSE inspections and maintenance scheduling
  • Airside safety inspections
  • Departure & Arrivals reporting
  • Staff training and training recurrency tracking
  • Recording passenger complaints, compliments and incidents

An important control in the aviation industry is ensuring new documents are distributed promptly and are acknowledged by the intended recipients.

ISOPro's Read & Sign document control function allows airport and aviation operations to have certainty and full visibility of who has received the newly distributed document and has not yet acknowledged its receipt. Automated reminders and escalations greatly reduce the administrative burden and potential for errors around this critical control.

Regarding airport and aviation operations, ISOPro can support:

  • Emergency Response planning and testing
  • Ramp and terminal audits and self-assessments
  • Internal checks and formal reviews as required by local Civil Aviation Authorities (e.g. vendor reviews)
  • Airport facility/perimeter security checks
  • Reporting on passenger or baggage screening control results (TIP / SIT etc)
  • IATA Standards for Airport Ground Operations (ISAGO) self-assessments